Our view from the farm

Our Farm

Our farm is just small enough that we can carefully tend to our coffee trees and bring you the best cup of coffee possible!

Our Coffee

We take great pride in our coffee and are are pleased to offer it for sale to the public.

Whether you prefer Medium or Dark roast, you can be assured it is freshly roasted and then carefully packed in 8 oz or 16 oz sizes.

Coffee can be roasted to many different roast levels and certain origin coffees such as Kona taste best in a medium or slightly darker roast.

Our Medium Roast is between first and second crack, when the beans are expanding and moisture and oils expand out of the bean. The sugar begins caramelization and the beans are a nice brown color with no oil showing.

Our Darker Roast is best described as Full City Plus which is just into second crack. The beans have enlarged over the Medium Roast size and have a slight sheen to them. Any darker than this and you would begin to not be able to taste the origin of the coffee.

Jenine and Lana Madonna The Goat

Jenine and Lana Madonna The Goat

Real Kona Coffee Beans!

Real Kona Coffee Beans!


Other Farm Activities

Along with the coffee trees, we share the farm with our goats and chickens; as one old-time Kona coffee farmer said, "Kona coffee wouldn't be Kona coffee without the chickens".

The chickens and the goats are an excellent source of fertilizer for the coffee trees and we enjoy fresh eggs and goat milk products such as yogurt and cheese.